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Coffee and Cigarettes Pong Sketch

Pong - 2012

Multiplayer game

Starting as a school project, we took it for ourselves and tried to carry out a real game.
At first, we were asked to make a new Pong game, playable on computer with two mouses and minor enhancements. But we wanted more than that and we decided (after some research) that we would make the game playable on PC with two Wiimotes with advanced 2D graphics, multiple maps and with some additions in the gameplay. Keeping the old classic touch not to denature the original Pong concept.

Behind the game, there is graphic design, flash coding and management : I did most of the graphics but i helped and also learned with the coding part. School-speaking, we were ordered to organize a tournament at the end of the production phase which we did successfully : 32 players in barkets playing 2min matches for a best of 3, with grand finale on video projector and prize to win.
We had to install 8 PC and gather 16(+) wiimotes, pack of batteries, and we also organized a toast with music for people not to get bored. As much as i asked participants and spectators : everyone was smiling and saying it was a good event. Enough for me to think is was indeed a success.

>You can download the game, user guide and thirdparty here (RAR format archive)