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Coffee and Cigarettes Pong Sketch


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Coffee and Cigarettes - 2013

Short movie

project we had in 3rd year of Etudes Culturelles in Nancy, we had to make the remake of our choice. The only restriction given to us was the lengh of the movie (7 to 12min)

Pong - 2012

Multiplayer game

project we had with two of my friends, it has been made in Flash and it's using the third-party software "wiiflashserver"
The game was made to be fully (and exclusively) playable with the Wii Remote from Nintendo, up to 2 players, it's an update to the classic Pong game

Sketches - 20xx / 2012

Multiple works

I've been drawing since I'm very young, but I found a real interest in it since I'm 16, I've taken a like to japanese artworks and animations and sometime I take my time to study their works.
A gallery featuring more of my works can be find here : n0va25.deviantart.com