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Started on : April 2012
Working with : N/A

> progress ?85%

For now, Plogs.net is a personal project I've been working on for people to share without caring about feedback and/or identity. A plog can be fully anonymous, as it can be an ID card, nothing forces you to expose yourself : everything here depends on what you really want.

Every plog has a number, which is a page number just like a page in a book. Since a plog is one and only one web page, i basically want you to make a great book out of my idea.
You'll be able to share basic contents and update them (pictures, texts, youtube videos, songs, etc...) but still, nothing is backed up : once you've updated the page, the previous contents you shared will be thrown into a black hole.


On route, nearly completed.

Done: Idea, fixed concept, design, rules, most of the code, data bases
Left: Deployment, completion/finalization of the code, details